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Follow my daily adventures as a creative director and fashion cinematographer while I travel the world producing video, photos, and entertainment that inspire.

My love of photography and film began at an early age. From the time I snapped the shutter on a 110 Kodak with the rotating flash cube, I was hooked. During my teenage years, I developed composition skills and an editorial eye under the guidance of my high school journalism teacher. During this time, I also laid hands on my first VHS camcorder and my life was never the same. I quickly learned that I could transfer my still photography skills into capturing moving images.  After all, video is just about 30 still images strung together every second. By learning to capture motion, I began to develop my photographic  style. To me, organic beauty is seen in every passing glance, wind teased hair, and flutter of fabric. As with many artists, I find beauty in the subtle flaws of an image. Most of my recent projects focus on model development, fashion, and commercial photography & video. Many of the models I’ve had the opportunity to shoot have been placed with top agencies in the U.S. and around the world.  Although there are certain elements of my images that I try to keep consistent, I thrive on collaboration and teamwork. As a client, model, stylist, or beauty professional you can expect to have creative input as part of my team. I am easy-going, humorous, and I expect to have fun while working.

Chad Cosper

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